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Selected selection of authentic art editions and custom-framed art photographs to give character to your wall decoration.

Espace Soardi: Art gallery in Nice and online

Our artistic advisors offer you, online as well as in our art gallery located in Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes,a careful selection of rare works of art signed by listed, famous or emerging artists.Discover the original versions of art editions and photographs of modern and contemporary art made by talented artists and major figures in the art world.


Our gallery owners, passionate about art, advise you and are at your disposal to inform you about the works, their authors and artistic trends.Illuminate your interior with a unique wall decoration, revealing your refined taste. Treat yourself or offer a unique masterpiece, enhanced by a custom-made frame to your taste, made with high-end materials by our experienced framers.

Beautify your home with art!


In the world of professional photographers, afine art photographyseeks to convey a message, an emotion, a feeling. It appeals to all the senses. The gaze is focused on the light, the shadows, the colors, the magical moment where everything comes together to express a feeling....Discover more