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Galerie d'art Nice 06, Editions d'art Nice 06, photographie d'Art Nice 06, Galerie editions d'Art, Galerie photographie d'Art
The Art of Highlighting

Founded in 2011 by Géraldine Soardi and Benoît Soardi, brother and sister, Espace Soardi is a unique place combining crafts, art and photography.


Our team of enthusiasts puts its know-how and recognized experience in tailor-made framing at the service of your works of art (photographs, posters, paintings, sculptures, etc.) but also all the documents and objects that you are expensive (family photos, holiday souvenirs, diplomas, football jerseys, etc.). Find more than 2000 samples in our 200 m² showroom and design the frame of your dreams!

The Espace Soardi team of craftsmen-framers puts its know-how at your disposal and advises you at each stage of the design of a frame: study of needs, selection and customization of the frame, assembly of conservation and preventive protection of works.

We use new framing techniques and acid-free materials or anti-UV/anti-reflective glasses, which are essential for optimal conservation of works of art.

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